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EU scenarios for 2027

Antonio Estella | Elcano Royal Institute | 10/08/2018

(1) Introduction In 2008 I published a paper on ‘EU scenarios for 2017’ (Estella, 2008). It was written over the course of 2007, discussed in different economic, legal and political…

Building Complementarity and Resilience in ASEAN amid Global Trade Uncertainty

James P. Villafuerte, Fahad Khan, Mara Claire Tayag, Thiam Here Ng, Kwan Jo Jeong and Dulce Zara | Asian Development Bank | 10/08/2018

Digitalization and Industrialization: Friends or Foes

Jörg Mayer | United Nations Conference on Trade and Development | 10/07/2018

Recent industrialization patte...

Malaysia with The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Aftermath of The United States Withdrawal From The TPPA

Kamal Halili Hassan, Muhammad Faliq Abd Razak, Rohaida Nordin, Rohani Abdul Rahim | International Journal of Asian Social Science | 10/05/2018

Why it’s time to end the tit-for-tat tariffs in the U.S.-China trade war

David Dollar and Peter A. Preti | The Brookings Institution | 10/05/2018

Why it’s time...

These are the winners and losers in the new NAFTA

Atif Kubursi | World Economic Forum | 10/04/2018

These are the winners and losers in the new NAFTA NAFTA is out...


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