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International competition and national concentration

Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Rosario Crinò, Gino Gancia | Vox EU | 05/08/2019

Article originally published on Recent studies documenting the increase of industrial concentration have raised concerns about an era of monopolies, growing profit shares, and low economic dynamism. Using US…

Mexicans, Americans Share Positive Views of USMCA Trade Agreement

Craig Kafura, Jorge Buendía, and Esteban Guzmán Saucedo | The Chicago Council on Global Affairs | 05/06/2019

The Effects of Trade Policy Might be More Diverse than Most Economists Think

Peter Egger and Katharina Erhardt | VoxEU | 05/03/2019

When economists model changes ...

How GSP Termination Would Hurt American Businesses & Workers

The Coalition for GSP | 05/01/2019

The Coalition for GSP today released an in-depth survey of Am...

11 Common Questions About U.S. Trade with China

Tori Whiting and Gabriella Beaumont-Smith | The Heritage Foudation | 04/30/2019

Trade has been a primary topic of ...


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