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Peace Dividend: Widening the Economic Growth and Development Benefits of the Abraham Accords

Daniel Egel, Shira Efron, Linda Robinson | RAND Corporation | 03/26/2021

The Abraham Accords have heralded a dramatic shift in the relationship between Israel and the Muslim nations of the world. Over the course of just four months, from August to…

The Era of the Gas Mega-Players

Nikos Tsafos | CSIS | 09/10/2019

Within 10 years, three exporters will tower over the global gas world: Russia, the United States,...

The Strategic Threat from Iranian Hybrid Warfare in the Gulf

Anthony H. Cordesman | CSIS | 06/13/2019

[From the Center for Strategic and International Studies] Th...

Trade Effect of the New Silk Road: A Gravity Analysis

Suprabha Baniya, Nadia Rocha, and Michele Ruta | World Bank Group | 01/16/2019

This paper takes a first look...

Measuring distortions in international markets: the aluminium value chain

Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development | 01/07/2019

This report builds on t...


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