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Free Trade in Environmental Goods Will Increase Access to Green Tech

James Bacchus, Inu Manak | CATO Institute | 06/08/2021

Negotiations to liberalize trade in environmental goods began in 2014 at the World Trade Organization (WTO) with the aim of removing tariffs on a wide range of environment-related products. While there…

Global Value Chains: Overview and Issues for Congress

Rachel F. Fefer, Liana Wong, and Andres B. Schwarzenberg | Congressional Research Service | 12/16/2020

The Biden-Harris Administration and the Future of Supply Chains in the Americas

Atlantic Council | Juan Carlos Baker, Maurice Bellan, Christina Conlin, Kerry Contini, Reagan Demas, Ildefonso Guajardo, Landon Loomis, Jason Marczak, Manuel Padrón-Castillo, Anne Petterd, Shunko Rojas, Lisa Schroeter, Alison J. Stafford Powell, Joyce Smith, Jennifer Trock, Omar Vargas, Carlos Alberto Vela-Treviño | 12/08/2020


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