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Could the Transition to Renewables Give Rise to a New OPEC?

The Energy & Minerals Group Advisors LLC | 07/26/2023

OPEC and its affect on crude oil prices.  The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, was established in 1960, with five founding members: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and…

ASG Analysis: Europe’s Energy Transition Amid the War in Ukraine

Albright Stonebridge Group | 06/10/2022

The war in Ukraine has prompted a wholesale reassessme...

How the War in Ukraine is Reshaping World Trade and Investment

Michele Ruta | The World Bank | 05/09/2022

The war in Ukraine is causing worldwide disruptions to t...

US Policy Options to Reduce Russian Energy Dependence

Trevor Houser, John Larsen, Kate Larsen, Mahmoud Mobir, and Ben King | Rhodium Group | 03/08/2022

Russia’s i...

Shift to renewable energy could be a mixed blessing for mineral exporters

Cullen S. Hendrix | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 01/30/2022

The worl...

Mission Critical: The Global Energy Innovation System Is Not Thriving

Hoyu Chong | Information Technology & Innovation Foundation | 01/10/2022

National government...


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