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How Does the Digital Transformation Change Global Value Chains?

Dennis Görlich | Italian Institute for International Political Studies | 05/06/2021

The digital transformation changes production technologies and, as a result, it impacts labour markets and global value chains (GVCs). Technological transformations, for instance in the communication and transportation sectors, have…

Regulating the Globalisation of Data: Which Model Works Best?

Erik van der Marel | ECIPE | 05/01/2021

Novel flows that define the future of globalization require ...

Mapping policies affecting digital trade

Simon J. Evenett | Johannes Fritz | Global Trade Alert | 04/15/2021

Digital technologies are transforming economies, soc...

A Global Digital Strategy for America

American Leadership Initiative | 02/01/2021

The digital revolution is permeating all aspects of society, remaking the way p...

Adapting to the digital trade era: challenges and opportunities

WTO Chairs Programme | WTO | 01/28/2021

Digital innovations are transforming the global economy. T...


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