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Clean and Competitive: Opportunities for U.S. Manufacturing Leadership in the Global Low-Carbon Economy

Peter Fox-Penner, David M. Hart, Henry Kelly, Ryan C. Murphy, Kurt Roth, Andre Sharon, Colin Cunliff | Information Technology & Innovation Foundation | 06/10/2021

Majorities of Democrats and Republicans—in Washington, DC, and around the country—agree on the goal of rebuilding the nation’s manufacturing sector. This sector has historically been a key job creator, with…

The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions

International Energy Agency | 05/21/2021

Clean energy transitions gained momentum in 2020, despite the m...

China, EU and US cooperation on climate and energy

Antony Froggatt and Dr Daniel Quiggin | Chatham House | 03/29/2021

China, the EU and the US are responsible for...

Climate 21 Project

Climate 21 Project | 11/13/2020

The Climate 21 Project taps the expertise of more than 150 experts with high-level government experience, inclu...


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