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Policy Guidance for US GHG Tax Legislation and Regulation: Border Tax Adjustments for Products of Energy-Intensive, Trade-Exposed and Other Industries

Brian Flannery, Jennifer A. Hillman, Jan Mares, and Matthew C. Porterfield | Resources for the Future | 10/23/2020

Background Because many nations participate in trade of GHG-intensive products with the United States, implementing border tax adjustments (BTAs) will require a significant, ongoing administrative effort. Based on decades of…

Global Trade Update

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development | 10/21/2020

How are some of the world’s major economies faring? Official statistics for s...

Developing Free and Open Markets: Gas Market Reform in Japan and South Korea

Jeanne Choi | National Bureau of Asian Research | 10/17/2019


The War on Carbon. Five Priorities for the European Green Deal

Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Carole Mathieu | French Institute of International Relations | 10/08/2019

The Era of the Gas Mega-Players

Nikos Tsafos | CSIS | 09/10/2019

Within 10 years, three exporters will tower over the global gas world: Russia, the United States,...


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