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Improving International Regulatory Cooperation in an Age of Trade Skepticism

Reeve T. Bull | Brookings | 07/14/2022

In the run-up to the 2016 election, an interesting shift in the political narrative took place. International trade, which had not been much of an issue for decades and had…

What Should U.S. Economic Diplomacy Look Like in the Indo-Pacific?

Patrick Baker and Laurene Lee | Yeutter Institute | 05/15/2022

Introduction In the five years f...

Trade and the Environment: The Search for Sustainable Solutions

Nicole de Paula, Ph.D. | International Institute for Sustainable Development | 02/22/2022

Roughly ...

Global Trade Update 2022

UNCTAD | 02/17/2022

Global trade growth remained strong during 2021, as its value continued to increase through each quarter of 2021. Tra...

Trade’s Mini-Deals

Kathleen Claussen | Virginia Journal of International Law | 01/01/2022

The modern consensus is that U.S. trade law is made through statute an...

Digital Trade: A Board of Trade Report, November 2021

U.K. Board of Trade | 11/29/2021

Digital trade presents huge opportunities for the UK. Just as Great Britain...


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