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Supply Chain Resilience: Should Policy Promote Diversification or Reshoring?

Gene M. Grossman, Elhanan Helpman & Hugo Lhuillier | National Bureau of Economic Research | 10/10/2021

Supply chain disruptions, which have become commonplace, are often associated with globalization and trade. Little is known about optimal policy in the face of insecure supply chains. Should governments promote…

Connecting People with International Trade – October 2021

Listening for America | 10/01/2021

The dynamics of the U.S. economy are continuing to evolve as a resu...

Digital Sovereignty: Protectionism or Autonomy?

Deborah Elms | Hinrich Foundation | 09/28/2021

Regulatory regimes around the world are pushing to claim jurisdicti...

Key Issues for Reforming the World Trade Organization

Members of GTIPA | Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance | 09/27/2021

The members of the Global Trade ...

The Economic Impacts of the US-China Trade War

Pablo Fajgelbaum & Amit Khandelwal | National Bureau of Economic Research | 09/22/2021

In 2018, the US launched a t...

EU Trade Agreements. What Do They Mean for Polish Entrepreneurs?

THINKTANK | Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance | 09/21/2021

Foreign trade has always bee...

Trade And Development Report 2021

UNCTAD | United Nations | 09/15/2021

At this writing, eighteen months have passed since the Covid-19 outbreak was declared a pan...


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