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Is Trade Sexist? How “Pink” Tariff Policies’ Harmful Effects Can Be Curtailed Through Litigation and Legislation

Miranda Hatch | BYU Law Review | 10/15/2022

Women in the United States face unconscious and conscious sexism in many aspects of their lives. United States trade policy exacerbates this issue by imposing gender-based tariff rates that cause…

U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa

The White House | 10/12/2022

Sub-Saharan Africa is critical to advancing our global priorities. It has one of the world’s ...

The Role of International Trade in Realizing an Inclusive Circular Economy

Jack Barrie, Patrick Schröder and Marianne Schneider-Petsinger, with Richard King and Tim G. Bento | Chatham House | 10/04/2022

Trade and Development Report 2022

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development | 10/03/2022

Development prospects in a fractured world : Global disorder and...

Nature Dependent Exporters: What Do They Have in Common?

Filippo Grassi, Dr. Zachary Turk, Professor Ben Groom, and John Willis | Planet Tracker | 09/30/2022

Biden could reduce inflation, mitigate a recession, and strengthen democracy with a new EU-US trade agreement

Sanjay Patnaik and James Kunhardt | The Brookings Institution | 08/30/2022


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