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MSC 2023: Protectonic Shifts – Global Trade Under Pressure

BR24 | 02/17/2023

The European security architecture has been in ruins since the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Adherence to the rules of international law, recognition of state borders, respect for the…

WITA’s Friday Focus on the Washington International Trade Conference

WITA | 02/17/2023

The conversations you may have missed at the 2023 Washington Internat...

PPI’s Trade Fact of the Week: U.S. Underwear Tariffs are Unfair to Women

Ed Gresser | The Progressive Policy Institute | 02/08/2023

FACT: U.S. underwear tariffs...

A Worker-Centered Digital Trade Agenda

AFL-CIO | 02/07/2023

Introduction   As the Biden administration continues to remake U.S. trade policy, its “worker-centered...

Industrial Policy Nationalism: How Worried Should We Be?

Robert ("RJ") Johnston | Center on Global Energy Policy | 02/07/2023

Large scale industrial policy is on...

Postcard From a Disintegration: Inside the WTO’s Fraying Seams

Keith M. Rockwell | Hinrich Foundation | 01/31/2023

The World Trade Organization is what is known...

Global Trade in 2023: What’s Driving Reglobalization?

Marianne Schneider-Petsinger | Chatham House | 01/30/2023

Summary Global trade will continue to face ...


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