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Export Restrictions and Food Security in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Carlos Kuriyama | Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation | 05/20/2020

This Policy Brief presents an overview of World Trade Organization (WTO) rules on export bans and restrictions, and argues that governments should adopt an open trade policy as one of…

United States Strategic Approach to The People’s Republic of China

The White House | 05/20/2020

The Administration’s approach to the PRC reflects a fundamental ...

Legislative Trade Agenda for 2020

Tori Smith, Rachael Wolpert and Riley Walters | The Heritage Foundation | 05/18/2020

The freedom of individuals to buy and sell ...

The U.S. Should Make Greater Use of the WTO, Not Withdraw

Riley Walters | The Heritage Foundation | 05/13/2020

Every five years, under U.S. law, Congress may con...

The Great Lockdown: Was it worth it?

Daniel Gros | CEPS | 05/05/2020

What the IMF calls the ‘great lockdown’ has thrown Europe and the global economy into deep re...

Investment Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

UNCTAD | 05/04/2020

The global spread of COVID-19 is strongly affecting foreign investment. The recent Global...

World Economic Outlook, April 2020: The Great Lockdown

IMF | 04/30/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is inflicting high and rising human costs worldwide. Protecting live...


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