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A Region-to-Region Trade Deal is Possible – If ASEAN And The EU Can Find Common Ground

Chris Humphrey | Friends of Europe | 10/19/2018

  In a world where the multi-lateral, rules-based trading order is being challenged, two trading blocs stand out as beacons of free trade – the European Union and ASEAN. ASEAN…

EU Trade Policy in the Age of U.S. Protectionism

Marta Makowska, Marek Wąsińsk | The Polish Institute for International Affairs | 10/18/2018

In the escalation o...

The Global Competitiveness Report

Klaus Schwab | World Economic Forum | 10/17/2018

Preface With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), humanity has entered a new...

At the Dawn of Belt and Road: China in the Developing World

Andrew Scobell, Bonny Lin, Howard J. Shatz, Michael Johnson, Larry Hanauer, Michael S. Chase, Astrid Stuth Cevallos, Ivan W. Rasmussen, Arthur Chan, Aaron Strong, Eric Warner, Logan Ma | RAND Corporation | 10/16/2018

Crisis in the WTO: Restoring the Dispute Settlement Function

Robert McDougall | Centre For International Governance Innovation | 10/16/2018

Crisis in the WTO: Re...

The Cost of China’s Belt and Road

Samira Shackle | Centre for International Governance Innovation | 10/16/2018

Hambantota sits on the southern tip of Sri La...


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