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Coronavirus: Can policymakers avert a trillion-dollar crisis?

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development | 03/09/2020

The spread of the coronavirus is first and foremost a public health emergency, but it’s also a significant economic threat. The COVID-19 shock will cause a recession in some countries…

Short-terms effects of the coronavirus outbreak: what does the shipping data say?

Abudi Zein | United Nations Conference on Trade and Development | 03/04/2020

Trump’s phase one deal relies on China’s state-owned enterprises

Chad P. Bown and Mary E. Lovely | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 03/03/2020

Infographics: Fighting the Virus in China

Robert Magyar | North Head, Beijing | 02/27/2020

The following infographics were made by Robert Magyar, Senior Executive...

‘We Won’t Last Three Months’: The Businesses Hit Hardest By Coronavirus

Jordan Schneider | China Econ Talk | 02/12/2020

Of all the businesses impacted by th...


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