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Hong Kong’s Technology Lifeline to Russia

Brian (Chun Hey) Kot | Carnegie Endowment For International Peace | 05/17/2023

As the war in Ukraine continues into its second year, Moscow has intensified its campaign to strike Ukrainian targets with strategic bombers, lethal drones, and cruise missiles. To cut off…

Trade Data Monitor’s Top 10 Trade Trends Going Into 2023

John W. Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 01/03/2023

The world was rocked in 2022 by Russia’s invasion of U...

Food Security: The Role and Limits of International Rules on Export Restrictions

David Kleimann | Bruegel | 06/08/2022

Food and fertiliser export restrictions are...

Global Trade Slows as Economies Adjust to Life After Stimulus

John W. Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 05/17/2022

The global economy avoided a meltdown 2020-2022 du...

China Bought None Of The Extra $200 Billion Of US Exports In Trump’s Trade Deal

Chad P. Brown | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 02/08/2022

Import competition, labour market regulation, and outsourcing

Pavel Chakraborty, Devashish Mitra and Asha Sundaram | Vox EU | 12/07/2021

Fragmentation of producti...


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