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Beware the Misleading Narrative on Globalization’s Retreat

Simon Evenett | Institute for Management Development | 12/30/2022

Part of the fallout from today’s polycrisis – that catchy term encompassing the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruption, growing geopolitical rivalry, food insecurity, energy price hikes, and the cost of…

A Symposium of Views: Did China “Destroy” Globalization?

The International Economy | 10/20/2022

Globalization arrived as a giant paradoxical force that create...

Correspondence: Fixing the Current System or Moving Toward a Value-Based Globalization?

Mathew Burrows, Robert A. Manning, Aaron L. Friedberg | Texas National Security Review | 10/10/2022

Getting Deglobalization Right

Joseph E. Stiglitz | Project Syndicate | 05/31/2022

The World Economic Forum’s first meeting in more than two years was markedly di...

Taiwan’s early emphasis on exports vindicates the power of economic ideas

Douglas A. Irwin | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 08/31/2021


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