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Will the US Succeed in Starving China of Semiconductors?

William Yang | Deutsche Welle | 05/29/2023

As the US and its allies increase efforts to restrict China’s access to advanced semiconductor chips, experts say the measures could impact Beijing’s development. But they will also cause collateral…

Hong Kong’s Technology Lifeline to Russia

Brian (Chun Hey) Kot | Carnegie Endowment For International Peace | 05/17/2023

As the war in Ukraine continues into it...

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Mary E. Lovely | Milken Institute Review | 04/21/2023

The Biden administration is on a campaign to fundamentally alter the supply chains...

From Sanctions to Semiconductor Resilience and Security

Laura Tyson and John Zysman | Project Syndicate | 03/22/2022

Russia’s war in Ukraine has highlighted...

Properly Protecting U.S. Security

William Reinsch | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 11/29/2021

A previous column discussed export controls and al...

Why Does Everyone Suddenly Care About Supply Chains?

Chad P. Bown and Douglas A. Irwin | The New York Times | 10/14/2021

Globalization may have lifted hundreds of...

Can Semiconductors be Japan’s New Auto Industry?

Shihoko Goto | Wilson Center | 07/27/2021

If there is an upside to the pandemic and its effect on economic pol...


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