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The Export-Led Model is Evolving, Not Dying

Jayant Menon | East Asia Forum | 03/23/2024

While the rise in anti-globalisation sentiment may have preceded COVID-19, the pandemic reinforced it, leading to an increase in protectionism in East Asia and around the world. Many pandemic-era barriers…

The Role of AI in Developing Resilient Supply Chains

Maxime C. Cohen & Christopher S. Tang | Georgetown Journal of International Affairs | 02/05/2024

The term art...

Trade Cooperation Amid a Changing Digital and Natural Environment

Sofia Baliño | IISD | 10/19/2022

The digital environment is changing rapidly, altering traditio...

Will Digital Services Remain In The Vanguard of The Global Trade Recovery?

Johannes Fritz and Simon Evenett | World Economic Forum | 02/08/2022

This month started...

The Pandemic as an Opportunity for Digital Transformation in Customs

Sandra Corcuera-Santamaria, José Martín García Sanjinés | Inter-American Development Bank | 07/30/2021


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