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Will Russia’s War Spur Trade Diversification?

Michael Spence | Project Syndicate | 03/01/2022

In today’s turbulent world, economic security depends on countries’ ability to depend on their trading partners. This raises serious short-term challenges, particularly for the European Union, which is in the…

To Ease ASEAN’s Import Dependency, Strengthen Intra-ASEAN Trade

Stewart Paterson | Hinrich Foundation | 02/22/2022

As China’s cost base has risen and it looks ...

‘Dumping’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

Scott Lincicome | CATO Institute | 02/16/2022

Dear Capitolisters, Every once in a while, I’ll stop chasing n...

The Big Question For Trade In 2022

Stephen Olson | Hinrich Foundation | 01/11/2022

With the new year upon us, here is one big question to keep an eye on as 2022 u...

Trump Tariff Increases Contribution to Inflation: ~0.5%?

Ed Gresser | Progressive Policy Institute | 12/01/2021

THE NUMBERS:  U.S. tariff collection 2021:        ...

WTO Barometer: Auto And Chip Supply Chain Issues Slow Global Trade Growth

Felix Thompson | Global Trade Review | 11/16/2021

Following a rapid recovery in global g...

More Regulation Will Not Improve Port Efficiency

Gabriella Beaumont‐​Smith | Cato Institute | 11/16/2021

Recent U.S. port bottlenecks have revealed myriad sys...


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