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Global Supply Chain Disruptions Are Spreading, And Nobody Knows What To Do About It

Nicholas Sargen | The Hill | 10/01/2021

The term “global supply chain disruption” has been cited frequently as one of the main consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what exactly does the term mean, and why does…

Subsidies and Misplaced Shipbuilding Nostalgia

Colin Grabow | Cato Institute | 09/02/2021

Reading some of the commentary, one could be forgiven for believing that...

At a Glance: White House 100-Day Supply Chain Report

Nikole Snyder, Townsend Bourne, David Gallacher | SheppardMullin | 06/29/2021

In February 2021, President Bid...

Canceling Keystone Gives OPEC A Boost

Kenneth Rapoza | InsideSources | 02/16/2021

For more than a year, it has looked like OPEC was on its last legs. Iran was shu...

How COVID-19 accelerated the shift towards TradeTech

Alex Capri and Wolfgang Lehmacher | World Economic Forum | 01/05/2021

Visibility and data-sharing are critic...


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