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Confessions of a Free-Trade Lobbyist

Bill Lane | 02/23/2017

Business leaders politely clap as the president puts exports at risk. Yet they know ‘Fortress America’ would be a disaster. Time to come clean. During my 40-year career at Caterpillar…

Are Global Supply Chains Still the Future of Trade?

Kimberly Ann Elliott | 02/17/2017

After the initial rapid recovery from the Great Recession, global trade grow...

Take a Patriotic Vacation to Johnstown, Pa.

Bill Lane | 01/12/2017

A true protectionist would tax travel: Visiting Aruba is just like importing leisure. The stron...

Is Bilateralism the Future of US Trade Policy? Should it be?

Kimberly Ann Elliott | 01/04/2017

WASHINGTON –  In the wake of recent stumbles in multilateral and re...

The President’s Long-Forgotten Power To Raise Tariffs

John Veroneau and Kate Gibson | 12/20/2016

President-elect Trump’s expressed interest in possibly raising ...

Riding the Waves of Change in Ocean Shipping, an Industry in Crisis

Abigail Struxness | 12/20/2016

Over 90 percent of the world’s internationally traded goods tra...


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