WITA’s NextGenTrade® initiative focuses on emergent trade issues that will be at the center of trade discussions, negotiations and disputes in the years to come.


The New Realities of Trade (and Global Value Chains)

Magnus Rentzhog | Swedish National Board of Trade | 10/11/2017

WITA’s NextGenTrade™ series on The Future of Trade and Global Value Chains is exploring the future direction of work and business to help guide the way for trade policy makers….

3D-printing might not kill global trade after all. Here’s why

Wolfgang Lehmacher and Martin Schwemmer | World Economic Forum | 10/05/2017

Last year Adidas h...

Negotiating Trade Barriers Behind the Border

Kimberly Ann Elliott | Center for Global Development | 08/11/2017

U.S. trade agreements today look nothing like they...

Modernizing NAFTA for 21st Century Workers

Susan Ariel Aaronson and Kimberly Ann Elliott | George Washington University | 08/02/2017

After years of praise and pr...

Global Value Chains and the Changing Demands on Trade Policy

Kimberly Ann Elliott | Center for Global Development | 07/28/2017

WASHINGTON, DC – June, 2017–Tariff...

How Blockchain is Changing Track and Trace

Finbarr Bermingham | Global Trade Review | 07/28/2017

This article was originally published by the Global Trade Review....


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