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Rwanda: World Bank – DR Congo is Rwanda’s Most Promising Trade Partner

Collins Mwai | AllAfrica | 02/07/2022

The neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo has great trade potential with Rwanda, with data from recent years showing growing trade and currently is Rwanda’s biggest regional trading partner. The latest…

China Suspends Chicken Imports From 2 Brazilian Facilities

PoultryWorld | 02/07/2022

The General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) published these restric...

Ecuador Looking To Increase China Trade By 35%, Minister Says

Alexandra Valencia | Reuters | 02/07/2022

Ecuador is expecting a planned trade deal with China to in...

Readout Of Ambassador Tai’s Meeting With South Korea’s Minister For Trade Yeo Han-Koo

Office of the United States Trade Representative | 01/27/2022


Russia Says “Destructive” Sanctions Wouldn’t Hurt Putin Personally

Dmitry Antonov and John Irish | Reuters | 01/26/2022

Russia warned on Wednesd...

Jordan Looks To Deepen Trade Ties With Britain

Alice Haine | the National News | 01/26/2022

Jordan is seeking to deepen trade ties with the UK by strengthening t...


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