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Chinese intellectual property theft: Where trade policy meets security policy

Claude Barfield | The American Enterprise Institute | 12/10/2018

While confusion still reigns over the details of just what was agreed to in the G20 meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, clearly the issue of…

Egypt aims to kickstart African trade as it takes AU chair

Aidan Lewis | Reuters | 12/10/2018

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (Reuters) – Egypt is promoting itself ...

‘Tariff man’ Trump has shifted Republicans toward a pro-trade stance

Dante Chinni and Sally Bronston | NBC | 12/10/2018

WASHINGTON — This week Preside...

The Huawei arrest made the stock market tank. Trump may not even have known about it.

Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman | The Washington Post | 12/07/2018

The arre...

Brexit Predicted to Cut U.K. Financial Services Exports to EU

Gavin Finch | Bloomberg | 12/07/2018

U.K. financial-services exports to the European Union could be ...

Walmart CEO worries what consumers will have to pay if trade war escalates

Michelle Fox | CNBC | 12/07/2018

Walmart is doing its best to keep prices unaffected by...

Norwegian politicians reject UK’s Norway-plus Brexit plan

Patrick Wintour | The Guardian | 12/07/2018

Senior Norwegian politicians and business figures hav...


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