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The Pacific Alliance: Why it’s Still Important For Western Canada

Naomi Christensen and Carlo Dade | 11/20/2017

Canada is now an associate member of the pacific alliance In June 2017, the Pacific Alliance, faced with an unwieldy and growing number of observer countries, invited four observer states…

The Day After NAFTA

Douglas Porter | 11/20/2017

The growing threat to NAFTA, and all the uncertainty that possible termination entails, has prompted a myriad of ...

Trade and Income in the Long Run: Are There Really Gains, and Are They Widely Shared?

Diego A. Cerdeiro and Andras Komaromi | 11/17/2017

Introduction The virtues...

Does the Paris Agreement Imperil Global Trade?

Marlo Lewis, Jr. | 11/14/2017

Does the Paris Agreement climate treaty imperil global trade? That question may seem ...

Weight gains from trade in foods: Evidence from Mexico

Osea Giuntella, Matthias Rieger, Lorenzo Rotunno | 11/03/2017

The prevalence of obesity, overweight and ot...


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