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Trade Dependence on Authoritarian States and Political Development, the Case of Post-Soviet Eurasia

Spencer Chrein | Washington University in St. Louis | 05/15/2023

The beginning of the 1970s marked a global transition towards democracy, known by many as the “Third Wave of Democratization.” The fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 signaled to…

Russia Shifting Import Sources Amid U.S. and Allied Export Restrictions

Andrew David, Sarah Stewart, Meagan Reid, and Dmitri Alperovitch | Silverado Policy Accelerator | 01/23/2023

ASG Analysis: Europe’s Energy Transition Amid the War in Ukraine

Albright Stonebridge Group | 06/10/2022

The war in Ukraine has prompted a wholesale reassessme...

Making Moscow Pay – How Much Extra Bite Will G7 & EU Trade Sanctions Have?

Simon J. Evenett and Marc-Andreas Muendler | St. Gallen Endowment for Prosperity Through Trade | 03/11/2022

US Policy Options to Reduce Russian Energy Dependence

Trevor Houser, John Larsen, Kate Larsen, Mahmoud Mobir, and Ben King | Rhodium Group | 03/08/2022

Russia’s i...

Russia Sanctions: Climbing the Escalation Ladder

Benjamin Hilgenstock, Clay Lowery, Greer Meisels, Jessica Renier, and Elina Ribakova | IIF | 02/28/2022

We have w...

Trade Policy & Deterring War: The Case Of Ukraine Since The Annexation Of Crimea

Simon Evenett | Global Trade Alert | 02/14/2022

While potential military dev...


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