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By The Numbers: Jeopardizing the National Benefits of Trade Through America’s Busiest Port Complex

BST Associates on behalf of the Port of Los Angeles | 11/01/2019

BST Associates was retained by the Port of Los Angeles to analyze the degree to which waterborne trade moving through the San Pedro Bay ports is exposed to tariffs. The…

Stepping up Cooperation: Policy Options for Latin America and Korea

Giordano, Paolo; Ortiz de Mendívil, Cloe; Vodusek, Ziga | Inter-America Development Bank | 10/31/2019

U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) Program

Liana Wong | Congressional Research Service | 10/31/2019

Congress passed the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone Act (P.L. 73- 397, 19 U...

Managing the Fallout of the US-China Trade War

Yun Sun | The Stimson Center | 10/31/2019

Topline Since the beginning of the tariff war in mid- 2018, the escalatio...

Farm Bankruptcies Rise Again

John Newton | American Farm Bureau Federation | 10/30/2019

Chapter 12 farm bankruptcies continue to increase as farmers and ranchers ...

Brexit: Status and Outlook

Derek E. Mix, Shayerah Ilias Akhtar, and Kristin Archick | Congressional Research Service | 10/30/2019

After the 2016 referendum in whi...

The Evolution of Indonesia’s Participation in Global Value Chains

Asia Development Bank | 10/29/2019

This report analyzes Indonesia’s participation in and contr...


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