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Misdirection and the Trade War Malediction of 2018: Scaling the US–China Bilateral Tariff Hikes

Simon Evenett, Johannes Fritz | VoxEU | 07/01/2019

Editor’s note: This column first appeared as a chapter in the Vox eBook “Trade War: The Clash of Economic Systems Endangering Global Prosperity”, available to download free here. Misdirection is said to…

China and the world: Inside the dynamics of a changing relationship

Jonathan Woetzel et. al. | McKinsey Global Institute | 07/01/2019

China has made progress in i...

2019 Governors’ Digest (Africa Development Bank)

Africa Development Bank Group | 06/30/2019

With this as a backdrop to the theme of the 2019 Annual Meetings...

Interdependence of China, United States, and Brazil in Soybean Trade

Fred Gale, Constanza Valdes, and Mark Ash | Economic Research Service, USDA | 06/30/2019

Rethinking US-China Competition: Next Generation Perspectives

Tarun Chhabra, Rush Doshi, Ryan Hass, Mira Rapp-Hooper, Bruce Jones, and Will Moreland | Brookings Institution | 06/30/2019


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