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Meet The New Industrial Policy, Same As The Old Industrial Policy?

Simon Lester, J.D. | Rice University's Baker Institute For Public Policy | 08/24/2022

With the recent enactment of the CHIPS and Science Act, longtime advocates of industrial policy are feeling a sense of triumph, and proclaiming that U.S. economic policy has entered a…

Measuring U.S-China Technological Decoupling, and What it Means for the Future

Nicolas Lama | Columbia Political Review | 07/22/2022

During the first two decades ...

Section 301 Tariff Exclusions and Extensions, Continued

Christine McDaniel & Polina Prokof’yeva | Mercatus Center of George Mason University | 05/10/2022

How Is the U.S. Cooperating with Its European Allies on Issues of Technology?

Gregory Arcuri | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 04/05/2022


The Coming Trade Sanctions Against Russia

Michael Volkov | JD Supra | 01/19/2022

President Putin is making sure that Russia dominates the early 2022 headlines. As...

Digital Trade: More Questions Than Answers

William Reinsch | Center for Strategic & International Studies | 11/08/2021

After months of reflection, U.S. Trade Repr...

How the U.S. Can Compete with China on Digital Justice Technology

Jason Tashea | The Brookings Institution | 10/25/2021

China is exporting digital authoritarianis...


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