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China’s Technological Predation Threatens U.S. Security

Daniel J. Ikenson | Cato Institute | 02/10/2021

With broad, bipartisan support from Congress, the Biden administration is expected to commence an all‐​of‐​government effort to confront the profound and rapidly multiplying challenges presented by China’s rise. Exactly what the…

How COVID-19 accelerated the shift towards TradeTech

Alex Capri | Wolfgang Lehmacher | We Economic Forum | 01/05/2021

Visibility and data-sharing are critical fo...

There’s a New Front in the US-China Trade and Tech War

Aarshi Tirkey | bserver Research Foundation | 11/04/2020

In little over a year, the Trump administration...

Tech Policy Hangovers: Unresolved Challenges for the Next Administration

Claude Barfield | AEI | 11/03/2020

No matter who wins the election today, the next presid...


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