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The USMCA/CUSMA/T-MEC’s Entry into Force: Evolution, Innovation, and Reform

Esmé Shirlow|Kiran Nasir Gore|Kluwer Arbitration Blog| | 06/28/2020

Chapter 31 of USMCA: Innovations to the State to State Dispute Settlement Framework In addition to the unique features of the USMCA ISDS mechanism that have been highlighted by our…

What European OECD Countries Are Doing about Digital Services Taxes

Elke Asen | The Tax Foundation | 06/22/2020

Over the last few years, concerns have been raised...

5 ways to advance digital trade in the post-COVID world

Ziyang Fan and Mike Gallaher | World Economic Forum | 06/18/2020

Globalization is under threat. Even befor...

US Trade Representative Launches Investigations of DSTs of Numerous Trading Partners

Robert S. Chase II, Jeffrey A. Friedman, Mark D. Herlach, Robert Christoffel, Dennis Jansen, Emily M. Rosenblum and Allison E. Speaker | Global Trade Magazine | 06/11/2020


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