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A Triple Threat is Putting the Multilateral Trading System at Risk. What Can the WTO Do About It?

Mark Linscott | Atlantic Council | 11/30/2022

Blame COVID. Or China, or Russia, or globalization itself. Responsibility for the emerging trend of countries launching their own industrial policies must lie somewhere. Even if the forces contributing to…

Reforming Industrial Subsidies Usage Through the WTO: Process Proposals

Prof. Peter Draper and Dr. Naoise McDonagh | OECD | 01/14/2022

The distorting effects of s...

Putting Public Investment to Work

Mariano Moszoro | IMF Blogs | 08/11/2021

For countries on the path to recovery, reviving economic activity is a major priority....

Donald Boudreaux and Douglas Irwin on Free-Trade Tips From 1846

Donald J. Boudreaux, Douglas A. Irwin | The Economist | 06/25/2021

In the novel “The Mayor of Cas...

In Pursuit of Global Labour Mobility

Sangeet Jain | Observer Research Foundation | 04/29/2021

International mobility is an essential aspect of the development pr...


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