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No easy fix for Australia’s supply-chain dependence on China

David Uren | Australian Strategic Policy Institute | 03/02/2021

The Australian and United States governments both ordered urgent reviews of their supply chains last week amid growing concern about their vulnerability to disruption by China. Australia’s Productivity Commission, which…

How American Free Trade Can Outdo China

Henry M. Paulson Jr. | WSJ | 02/22/2021

President Biden’s announcement that America is back—ready to engage in the diplom...

From doom and gloom to fast and furious

Marcus Williams | Automotive Logistics | 01/29/2021

Ocean-going container vessels have been anchored off the west coast ...

The pandemic’s phantom trade collapse

WEIFENG ZHONG | ORF | 12/30/2020

If you were shocked by the global trade collapse at the onset of COVID-19, you would be p...


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