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The Economic Implications: How Weather and Cost-Driven Disruptions Influence the Global Market

Indiana Lee | Global Trade Magazine | 12/05/2023

Climate change is an issue that is felt on both a human and economic level. Environmental changes affect the global food supply, individual health, and the job market. Sudden and…

In Memoriam: Eric Biel

WITA | 11/29/2023

Dear WITA Community, It is with a heavy heart that we share with the trade community news of the passing of Eric Biel, a ...

Arctic Ambitions: China’s Engagement With the Northern Sea Route

Tiago Tecelão Martins | The Diplomat | 11/24/2023

Despite the potential adverse effects of cli...

All Agree AGOA Should be Renewed – but How?

Peter Fabricius | Institute for Security Studies (ISS) | 11/10/2023

The question is how to expand Africa’s economic ...

Regional Supply Chains: The New Glue of Inter-American Relations?

Richard E. Feinberg | Global Americans | 11/10/2023

At the June 2022 Summit of the Americas in L...

How Unpredictable Weather is Squeezing the Arteries of Global Trade

Melissa Lawford | The Telegraph | 11/10/2023

The Panama Canal has a water problem: there’s not...

In a Fractured World, Does Biden’s Trade Policy Measure up?

Mark Linscott | Atlantic Council | 11/08/2023

In recent years, global trade relationships have shift...


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