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US Trade Sanctions on China Can Affect Multilateralism

Medhi Hussain | Hindustan Times | 06/08/2024

The United States (US)-China trade war has escalated from the US banning Chinese apps to targeting domestic companies having close ties with the Chinese government. Recent anti-China legislation under the…

The Dangerous Retreat Into Protectionism

Carl Bildt | The Strategist | 05/31/2024

Trade barriers, tariffs and other protectionist tools are starting to feature mo...

A Close Relationship With Kenya Is Essential to Our Country’s Success

Senator Chris Coons | The Hill | 05/25/2024

Kenyan President William Ruto arrived in the ...

Weighing Biden’s China Tariffs

Matthew P. Goodman | Council on Foreign Relations | 05/24/2024

Global risks–including Chinese overcapacity–have increased, but go...

Can the U.S. Curb Chinese Production of EVs in Mexico?

Carlos Alva, José Carlos Espinosa, Diana Avalos Morales, Margaret Myers, Larry B. Pascal & Lucinda Vargas | The Dialogue | 05/17/2024

360° View of New Tariffs on China

Mark Kennedy, Jerry Haar, Marc L. Busch, Lucas Myers, Keith Rockwell, Rory Linehan, & Klaus Larres | Wilson Center | 05/16/2024


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