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The future of WTO: Revitalizing multilateral trade cooperation

Simon J. Evenett | Hinrich Foundation | 01/12/2021

Don’t overdo the pessimism – there is plenty of good trade policy news away from Geneva We have no illusions that revitalisation will take time. Still, a number of key…

Trade Policy and Race/Ethnicity

Simon Lester | International Economic Law and Policy Blog | 01/12/2021

There was some Twitter discussion last week of a new paper ...

Do Black and Hispanic Workers Benefit from Trade?

Bryan Riley | National Taxpayers Union Foundation | 01/12/2021

A recent report from Public Citizen’s Global Trad...

Covid and international economic cooperation: If not now, then when?

Richard Baldwin | VoxEU | 01/11/2021

The world is living through a truly remarkable, era-defi...

Data Governance and Trade: The Asia-Pacific Leads the Way

Roberth Holleyman | The National Bureau of Asian Research | 01/09/2021

Data is integral to modern domest...

Brexit Is a Reality; the U.S. Must Act Accordingly

Theodore R. Bromund | The Heritage Foundation | 01/08/2021

Britain has left the European Union. Now, the United...


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