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“China-Plus-One”: How Covid-19 is Accelerating Supply Chain Shift

John W. Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 09/08/2021

As the global economy struggles to return to normal, many corporate supply chains are not going back to where they were before the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an analysis by…

Speaking Different Languages

William Reinsch | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 09/07/2021

Last week, Politico featured an interesting article abo...

Investing in China: myths and realities

Uri Dadush | fDi Intelligence | 09/03/2021

China holds a paradox: Western policy-makers and many firms decry discriminator...

Subsidies and Misplaced Shipbuilding Nostalgia

Colin Grabow | Cato Institute | 09/02/2021

Reading some of the commentary, one could be forgiven for believing that...

Taiwan’s early emphasis on exports vindicates the power of economic ideas

Douglas A. Irwin | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 08/31/2021

Resurrecting the Environmental Goods Agreement

William Reinsch | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 08/30/2021

Several weeks ago I warned you there ...


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