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Miles Apart: The US and Europe Diverge on China Car Threat

David Ferris and Joshua Posaner | Politico | 06/23/2023

Chinese electric cars are coming — and the U.S. and Europe are split dramatically on how to respond. On both sides of the Atlantic, the push to move beyond the…

Global Commodity Trade and Changing Geopolitics

G Chandrashekhar | The Hindu Business Line | 06/18/2023

Logistics and technology are the two new factors that are ...

Say Hello To Industrial Policy, But Never Goodbye

Keith M. Rockwell | Hinrich Foundation | 06/13/2023

Were there any lingering doubts about what will guide US int...

Growing Threats To Global Trade

Pinelopi K. Goldberg and Tristan Reed | International Monetary Fund | 06/01/2023

Four years ago, one of us wrote an article on the...

World Trade Can Still Drive Prosperity

Kristalina Georgieva and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala | International Monetary Fund | 06/01/2023

But the international architecture ...

Will the US Succeed in Starving China of Semiconductors?

William Yang | Deutsche Welle | 05/29/2023

As the US and its allies increase efforts to restrict China...


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