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Lower Chinese Exports to U.S. Signal Possible Economic Slowdown

John W. Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 09/15/2022

Consumers in the U.S., facing higher prices and lower incomes, this summer have been buying fewer Chinese imports, a diminishment of expenditures that is now rippling throughout the global economy….

Towards a Free Trade Area for the Global South

Yaroslav Lissovolik | Modern Diplomacy | 09/11/2022

The expanded format of the BRICS+ dialogue conducted by China i...

America Could Lose the Tech Contest With China

Eric Schmidt and Yll Bajraktari | Foreign Affairs | 09/08/2022

How Washington Can Craft a New Strategy A security g...

Greening Global Trade: Enhanced Synergies Between Climate and Trade Policies for Decarbonization

S. K. Mohanty, Pankhuri Gaur, Chandni Dawani, Rizki N. Siregar, Novia Xu, Giulia Cretti, Pierfrancesco Mattiolo, Paolo Mazzotti | Clingendael Netherlands Institute of International Relations | 09/08/2022

Re-Invigorating the International Trade System

Shujiro Urata | Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia | 09/08/2022

The world faces unprecedented and ...

Perspectives: It’s Not Worth Triggering a Big Fight Over the US’s Electric Vehicle Scheme

David Henig | Borderlex | 09/07/2022

Brussels has vociferously criti...


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