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No island is an ‘island’ in the age of GVCs

Tommaso Aquilante, Marco Garofalo and Enrico Longoni | Bank Underground | 06/27/2019

Over the past few decades production processes have become increasingly complex and integrated across national boundaries through so-called Global Value Chains (GVCs). With increasing trade tensions and uncertainty regarding future…

President Trump fighting to fix a broken trade system at the G-20

Corey R. Lewandowski | The Hill | 06/26/2019

EXCERPT:  For American corporations, President Trum...

We can do right by the planet and the economy

Orit Frenkel | The Hill | 06/17/2019

Most of the Democrats now running for president are embracing policies to addre...

What is Wrong with the WTO?

David A. Wemer | The Atlantic Council | 06/14/2019

Coming up on the anniversary of the July 2018 “trade truce” between European Commi...

Opposing New Taxes And Supporting Trade Is NOT Unpatriotic

Bryan Riley | National Taxpayers Union | 06/14/2019

The Trump administration is considering whether to ...

Women in International Trade Communiqué: Section 232 Tariffs on Aluminum and Steel

Jennifer Hillman, Eileen P. Bradne, Anne Clawson, Ann Wilson, Nicole Vasilaros, and Evelyn M. Suarez, Esq. |Women in International Trade Communiqué | 06/12/2019

Donald Trump’s Capricious Tariffs Open the Door to Corruption

Dean Baker | Center for Economic and Policy Research | 06/10/2019

Donald Trump has repeatedly proc...


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