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Shoppers expected to spend $4.2 tln online in 2021, squeezing supply chains

Richa Naidu | Reuters | 04/27/2021

Global shoppers are expected to spend 20% more online in 2021 than they did last year, according to an Adobe report released on Tuesday, likely adding pressure to supply chains…

Argentina’s central bank blocks bankrupt soy giant from exchange markets

Latin America News | The Rio Times | 04/27/2021


WTO chief warns EU, Japan, US not to ‘target’ China using trade reform

Finbarr Bermingham | SCMP | 04/27/2021

As some of the world’s most powerful economies l...

A tiny part’s big effect: Car industry crippled by global chip shortage

Jack Ewing and Neal E. Boudette | Sydney Morning Herald | 04/27/2021

Around the world, a...

French warn UK ahead of vote on Brexit trade deal

BBC News | 04/27/2021

The European Parliament is expected to ratify the post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal, amid tensi...

After Default, Zambia’s Outsized Bet on Copper Could Play Into China’s Hands

Alexandra Wexler and Nicholas Bariyo | Wall Street Journal | 04/27/2021

Zambia, ...

Von der Leyen warns UK Brexit deal has ‘real teeth’ if terms breached

The Irish Times | 04/27/2021

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has warn...


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