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WCO/WTO Study Report on Disruptive Technologies

World Customs Organization and World Trade Organization | 06/30/2022

When we talk about “disruptive technologies”, what exactly do we mean? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a disruptive technology is a new technology that completely changes the way things are…

Emergent Digital Fragmentation: The Perils of Unilateralism

Simon J. Evenett and Johannes Fritz | CEPR | 06/28/2022

Policymakers are flying blind as they shape an...

Integrating Networks for Regional Trade Agreements

Pindar Wong| Hinrich Foundation | 06/28/2022

Manufacturers in East Asia now have the option to settle trade und...

Trade for an Inclusive Circular Economy

Dr Jack Barrie, Latifahaida Abdul Latif, Manuel Albaladejo, Ieva Baršauskaitė, Dr Alexey Kravchenko, Dr Amelia Kuch, Nanno Mulder, Melissa Murara, Antoine Oger, & Dr Patrick Schröder | Chatham House | 06/15/2022

Food Outlook – Biannual Report on Global Food Markets

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations | 06/15/2022

The increasing cost of food is height...

ASG Analysis: Europe’s Energy Transition Amid the War in Ukraine

Albright Stonebridge Group | 06/10/2022

The war in Ukraine has prompted a wholesale reassessme...

A Populist Progressive Path Forward on Trade Policy

Michael F. Dolan | Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung | 06/10/2022

This trade policy reform update is situated in a spec...


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