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2023 Fashion Industry Benchmarking Study

United States Fashion Industry Association & Dr. Sheng Lu | University of Delaware, Department of Fashion & Apparel Studies | 07/31/2023

Forward by Julia K. Hughes, President, U.S. Fashion Industry Association The Changing Landscape of Sourcing: Challenges and Opportunities in 2023 This is the tenth USFIA Benchmarking Survey. During the past…

Could the Transition to Renewables Give Rise to a New OPEC?

The Energy & Minerals Group Advisors LLC | 07/26/2023

OPEC and its affect on crude oil prices.  The Or...

Mexico Seeks To Solidify Rank As Top U.S. Trade Partner, Push Further Past China

Luis Torres | Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas | 07/11/2023

Mexico became the top U...

America’s EV Transition Needs to Tackle Supply Chain Issues

Walid Al-Hajj | Fast Company Executive Board | 07/11/2023

The scale of opportunity for North America...

The Scramble for Critical Raw Materials: Time to Take Stock?

Simon J. Evenett & Johannes Fritz | Centre for Economic Policy Research | 07/05/2023

The 31st Global ...

Migration Governance Through Trade Agreements: Insights From the MITA Dataset

Sandra Lavenex, Philipp Lutz, & Paula Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik | The Review of International Organizations | 07/01/2023


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