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Is the European Union’s Investment Agreement with China Underrated?

Uri Dadush and André Sapir | Bruegel | 04/13/2021

The European Union is very open to foreign direct investment. By comparison, despite considerable liberalisation in the past two decades, foreign investors in China’s markets still face significant restrictions, especially…

The EU-China CAI: An agreement whose time has passed?

Stewart Paterson | Hinrich Foundation | 04/13/2021

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI)...

What does an EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism mean for the UK?

Josh Burke, Misato Sato, Charlotte Taylor, and Fangmin Li | London School of Economics and Political Science | 04/01/2021

China, EU and US cooperation on climate and energy

Antony Froggatt and Dr Daniel Quiggin | Chatham House | 03/29/2021

China, the EU and the US are responsible for...

Fostering Economic Resilience in a World of Open and Integrated Markets

Laurence Boone, Nicolas Pinaud | The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development | 03/23/2021

A Roadmap for U.S.-Europe Cooperation on China

Paul Gewirtz, Ryan Hass, Susan Thornton, Robert Williams, Craig Allen, David Dollar | Yale Law School, Paul Tsai China Center | 02/28/2021


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