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Non-Tariff Measures and Sustainable Development: The Case of the European Union Import Ban on Seafood from Sri Lanka

K.P.G.L. Sandaruwan and Senal A. Weerasooriya | Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade | 05/31/2019

Ocean fauna is a common natural resource for the entire world as the oceans connect with each other and sea creatures’ move all around the world disregarding man-made geopolitical boundaries….

Are Quotas Worse Than Tariffs?

Holly Smith | Hinrich Foundation | 05/23/2019

With all the focus on tariffs these days, it is easy to overlook the return of anothe...

Ensuring a Post-Brexit Level Playing Field

David Baldock et al | European Policy Centre | 05/20/2019

Soon after the referendum that decided the UK would leave the...

Geography, Competition, and Optimal Multilateral Trade Policy

Antonella Nocco, Gianmarco Ottaviano & Matteo Salto | VoxEU | 04/28/2019

Multilateralism in trade is...

Prospects for the UK economy: Forecast Summary

Arno Hantzsche and Garry Young | National Institute of Economic and Social Research | 04/25/2019

The UK’s future re...

Can Emerging Markets Be a Source of Global Troubles Again?

Marek Dabrowski | Russian Journal of Economics | 04/17/2019

According to popular perception, emerging-m...

Brexit: A Hard-but-Smart Strategy and its Consequences

Gabriel Felbermayr | Intereconomics | 04/17/2019

Would the United Kingdom really apply high EU external tar...


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