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What Do We Need a World Trade Organization For?

Ignacio Garcia Bercero | Bertelsmann Stiftung | 02/06/2020

Summary At the time of writing, the world is experiencing a deadly pandemic that brings to the fore vulnerabilities linked to the interconnectedness of the global economy. Once the immediate…

An EU Green Deal for trade policy and the environment: Aligning trade with climate and sustainable development objectives

Marianne Kettunen, Eloïse Bodin, Ellie Davey, Susanna Gionfra, and Céline Charveriat | Institute for European Environmental Policy | 02/06/2020

Resisting Deglobalization: The Case Of Europe

Zslot Darvas | Bruegel | 02/04/2020

Global trade and finance data indicates that the pre-2008 pace of economic globa...

From globalization to deglobalization: Zooming into trade

Alicia García-Herrero | Bruegel | 02/03/2020

After decades of increasing globalization both in trade, c...

Report on the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization

Ambassador Robert E. Lighthizer| Office of the United States Trade Representative | 02/01/2020

Global Value Chains And The Removal Of Trade Protection

Chad P. Bown, Aksel Erbahar, & Maurizio Zanardi | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 02/01/2020


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