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Buy American Provisions- Great Slogan, Terrible Policy

Gary Winslett | The Libertarian-Progressive Papers | 03/07/2022

In last week’s State of the Union address, President Biden made several remarks to the effect that government procurement policy should be directed toward forcing, or at least strongly pushing,…

The Only Way to Solve Our Supply Chain Crisis Is to Rethink Trade

Josh Hawley | New York Times | 10/29/2021

Under this plan, officials at the Department of Comme...

Resilience vs. Efficiency

William Alan Reinsch | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 06/14/2021

Last week, the Biden administration produced its rep...

Buying American is Harder than it Sounds. Jeep is a Good Example.

Nathan Bomey and Javier Zarracina | USA TODAY | 05/03/2021

Buy American. It’s a common refrain a...

The Price of Nostalgia

Adam S. Posen | Foreign Affairs | 04/20/2021

A new consensus has emerged in American politics: that the United States has recklessly pursue...


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