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The Debate Papers: Is The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?

Wendy Cutler, Daniel Price | United States Studies Centre | 08/25/2022

On 23 May 2022, President Biden announced the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) in Tokyo alongside 12 Indo-Pacific partners. IPEF is unlike the Trans-Pacific Partnership — which President Trump withdrew the…

The ‘WTO Rising’ Imperative

Richard Baldwin and Dmitry Grozoubinski | | 06/03/2022

Climate change, the pandemic, and persistent economic and social ...

Biden’s Puzzlingly Bad Solar Panel Decision

Gary Winslett | The Libertarian-Progressive Papers | 02/17/2022

The Puzzle: Why Do Something So Dumb? In 2018, the T...

How Barriers To Trade Can Be Barriers To Climate Change Adaptation

Ishan Nath | VoxEU | 12/24/2021

A wide range of evidence suggests that global warming will have...

How Trade Policy Can Help Save the Climate

Silverado Policy Accelerator | 11/10/2021

With the U.N. Climate Change Conference set to wrap up in Glasgow this week, ...


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