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Biden’s Latest Climate Minefield: EV Mineral Deals

Brian Dabbs | E&E News | 05/09/2023

A Biden administration plan to use mineral trade agreements to boost electric vehicles on U.S. roads is facing widespread pushback from unusual allies: Republicans and environmentalists. They say President Joe…

North Africa’s Energy Transition: A Key Asset in the War?

Amine Bennis | Italian Institute for International Political Science | 04/04/2022

With a target of...

Putin’s Gamble Shakes Up Energy Trade – And China May Gain

Stewart Paterson | Hinrich Foundation | 03/15/2022

As the EU and Russia reorientate their energy tr...

The Seeds of Another Trade War over Clean Energy

Nikos Tsafos | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 09/16/2021

The legislative text for the president...


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