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Building a sustainable wildlife trade sector to avoid future pandemics

Charis Enns | The University of Manchester | 07/06/2021

Since early reports linked the emergence of COVID-19 to the wild meat trade, the pandemic has thrown the wildlife trade into the global spotlight for its role in spreading zoonotic…

GVC resilience: COVID-19 won’t rattle East Asian supply chains

Fukunari Kimura | Hinrich Foundation | 05/05/2021

In the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, t...

Inclusive growth: The digital transformation of East Asian trade

Homi Kharas and Meagan Dooley | Hinrich Foundation | 04/20/2021

East Asian economies are famous ...

Race to the East? China Revives the 17+1 Summit

Yixiang Xu | American Institute for Contemporary German Studies | 02/10/2021

Last month, Beijing suddenly announc...


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