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5 Years Later The United States Is Still Paying For Its TPP Blunder

Colin Grabow | CATO Institute | 02/10/2022

Last month—January 23 to be exact—marked the five‐​year anniversary of President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Trans‐​Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. The country has been paying for…

Strengthening Ties: China And The GCC

Inbar Pe'er, Niels Graham and Mrugank Bhusari | Atlantic Council | 01/31/2022

China is not allowing foreign visitors to wat...

On China Trade Strategy, A Blast from the Past?

Inu Manak | Cato Institute | 10/06/2021

In a highly anticipated speech by United States Trade Representative Kathe...

China Moves Closer to the CPTPP

Wendy Cutler | Asia Society Policy Institute | 09/21/2021

Beijing filed its formal application to become part of the 11-member tra...

DEPA and the Path Back to TPP

Matthew P. Goodman | CSIS | 07/15/2021

The United States has a strong national interest in being part of the Trans-Pacific Partnersh...


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