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The impact of the US-China tariff war on China’s economy: New evidence from night-time lights

Davin Chor and Dr. Bingjing Li | Vox EU | 11/25/2021

In early 2018, the Trump administration commenced a series of tariff actions that raised duties on China’s exports to the US successively over the next two years. To each round…

Why Shipping Prices Have Recently Increased

Gabriella Beaumont‐​Smith | Cato Institute | 11/11/2021

Many businesses are facing higher shipping prices to trans...

The future of world trade depends on US leadership

Jennifer Hillman and Inu Manak | The Hill | 10/21/2021

The fate of the world’s leading trade institution hangs ...

Overcoming the Tragedy of TPP

Matthew P. Goodman | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 09/28/2021

In common parlance today, the word “tragedy” is use...

Resolving the Transatlantic Partnership in Time

Peter Chase | The German Marshall Fund | 09/28/2021

And that in turn depends on their ability to deal with the wei...


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