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How economic ideas led to Taiwan’s shift to export promotion in the 1950s

Douglas A. Irwin | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 08/15/2021

Taiwan was the first developing country to adopt an export-oriented trade strategy after World War II. The factors usually associated with big shifts in policy—a macroeconomic crisis, a change in…

Service Offshoring and Export Experience

Giuseppe Berlingieri, Luca Marcolin, Emanuel Ornelas | Centre for Economic Policy Research | 06/06/2021

Service inputs ar...

Revolutionary Iran’s Africa Policy

Banafsheh Keynoush | King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies | 06/01/2021

Iran has built piecemeal influence in A...

Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Trade

Hui Jiang, Dylan Russell, Adam Gerval | United States Department of Agriculture | 05/28/2021

U.S. agricultural exports in fisc...

Executive Incentives, Import Restrictions, and Competition

Brian Blank | Mercatus Center | 05/27/2021

To better understand the political economy of trade policy, ...


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