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India’s trade reforms 30 years later: Great start but stalling

Douglas A. Irwin | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 07/22/2021

Thirty years ago, in July 1991, India began to make revolutionary changes in its economic policy. After pursuing a closed, import-substitution model of trade and development for the previous 40…

Biden’s trade agenda is off to a rocky start

Bryan Riley | The Hill | 07/20/2021

So far, 2021 is shaping up to be an awful year for international trade. The...

Exploring the Global Economic Recovery from COVID-19

Brooke Tenison | International Trade Administration | 06/15/2021

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in ...

United States: Raising the stakes by $6 trillion

Daniel Strieff | Chatham House | 06/04/2021

Joe Biden has framed his $6 trillion-plus ‘Build Back Better’ agenda ...

A G7 trade and investment plan to promote prosperity

Maximiliano Mendez-Parra & Chris Humphrey | ODI | 06/01/2021

As chair of the G7, the UK has promised to promo...


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