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Are Labour Markets Ready for the Digital Transformation?

Alberto Guidi | Italian Institute for International Political Studies | 05/06/2021

The broader application of ICT and new digital technologies such as data analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things is leading to a “digital transformation”. This digitalisation of…

The World Is Closer Than Ever to Making Corporations Pay Up

Edward Alden | FP | 04/27/2021

In the spring of 2018, Seattle’s City Council tried to force some of th...

Inclusive growth: The digital transformation of East Asian trade

Homi Kharas and Meagan Dooley | Hinrich Foundation | 04/20/2021

East Asian economies are famous ...

Democracy, Capitalism, Trade: Building Back Better

Hanna Lauren | Ed Brzytwa | Polemics | 04/17/2021

The fate of the Pacific may rest on the bonds of the Atlantic...

No, China Does Not Make Everything!

David Henig | Anna Guildea | ECIPE | 03/31/2021

China is now the world’s leading manufacturer, with goods exports rising from ...


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