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When Two Global Agendas Collide: How the EU’s Climate Change Mechanism Could Fall Afoul of International Trade Rules

James Bacchus | CATO Institute | 07/07/2021

The European Commission has launched an ambitious roadmap termed the Green Deal that aims to make Europe the first carbon‐​neutral continent by 2050. The deal proposes several pioneer trade restrictions aimed at…

Senate China Bill Cuts Tariffs, Increases Regulations

Tori K. Smith, Maggie Kennon | The Heritage Foundation | 06/21/2021

KEY TAKEAWAYS The Trade Act of 2021 inc...

The Time Is Now for a Trade Deal With Taiwan

David Sacks, Jennifer Hillman | Council On Foreign Relations | 06/14/2021

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken made...

Protectionism Is No Way To Protect America’s Rare-Earth Supplies From China

Weifeng Zhong | The Seattle Times | 06/10/2021

As the Biden administration recently ...

Why the U.S. Should Use Trade Policy to Stem Illicit Drug Imports

Kathleen J. Frydl | Washington Monthly | 05/28/2021

This spring, the new U.S. Trade Representat...


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